Enigmail and Thunderbird ESR

Enigmail support for Thunderbird ESR Releases

As Enigmail is developed in a similar way as Thunderbird, the most recent version of Enigmail usually only compatible to the most recent version of Thunderbird, and therefore not suitable for Thunderbird ESR (Extended Support Release). In order to support ESR releases, the following strategy is applied.

The official Enigmail version working with Thunderbird 24 ESR is currently version 1.6.0, available from the download page. If severe and/or security related bugs are fixed in releases published after the ESR release, then these fixes will be backported to the latest official version for the ESR releases (i.e. currently the 1.6.0 branch).

In such a case, an email will be sent to the Enigmail mailing list. In addition, known Linux distributors and other interested people will be informed directly. If you want to be informed directly, then please contact Patrick