[Enigmail] Per recipient rule to disable PGP/MIME?

Patrick Brunschwig patrick at enigmail.net
Fri Jan 27 07:46:20 PST 2012

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On 26.01.12 17:29, Rubin Abdi wrote:
> John Clizbe wrote, On 2012-01-25 18:28:
>> Yep, signing just fine:
>> UNTRUSTED Good signature from Rubin Abdi <rubin at starset.net> Key
>> ID: 0x1AEF90F4 / Signed on: 1/25/2012 11:00 AM Key fingerprint:
>> 3C8C F75D 7627 DDBD 8CB3 AAE7 D88E F061 1AEF 90F4
> I know I can sign things just fine, that isn't the issue, but
> thanks.
>> If you are seeing the signature into a separate attachment,
>> somehow you have PGP/MIME enabled. Recheck your Per-Recipient
>> rule. The default for PGP/MIME should be 'Never' or 'Yes, if
>> selected in Message Composition'. Also check the default setting
>> for your mail account under Account Settings --> OpenPGP. Clear
>> the box 'Use PGP/MIME by default'
> The behavior I want (and am expecting with what the Enigmail UI is 
> providing me) is for all messages to be signed automatically with 
> PGP/MIME enabled, unless I've setup a rule per recipient to not
> use PGP/MIME but still sign the message.

That's definitely possible with Enigmail and should be pretty easy:
1. In the account settings (actually on each identity), OpenPGP
Settings activate the following options:
- - "sign non-encrypted messages by default"
- - "sign encrypted messages by default"
- - "Use PGP/MIME by default"

2. Set up per-recipient rules with the following logic:
  - Action: Do not check further rules for the matching address
  - Defaults for:
      Signing: Yes, if ...
      Encryption: Yes, if ...
      PGP/MIME: Never

There are certainly a few other methods to obtain the same but this is
what I propose. Note that the order of the rules matters as well.

- -Patrick
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