[Enigmail] Enigmail reformatting messages.

Lachezar Dobrev l.dobrev at gmail.com
Wed Jan 25 04:25:46 PST 2012

  Hello Patrick,

  Following your advice I disabled wrapping. That seemed to work.
  However recently I got complaints from recipients, that do not have
Enigmail, and don't use Thunderbird anyway. Of course I do not
sign/encrypt mail to them, but the no-wrapping option makes the mails
hard to read there.

  Hence this solution does not work well for me: it's a global
solution for a local problem. Like i've mentioned earlier if I do not
sign/encrypt the message I get «correct» behaviour: the mail's text is
wrapped, but not the quoted text.

  Is it possible to follow the same method and make Enigmail wrap only
non-quoted lines?

  Just to note: due to the same behaviour GMail fails to recognize
quoted text and does not hide it.

  PGP/MIME used to be my preferred method of sending mail until I came
to this list and got «scolded» for that.
  PGP/MIME is not supported by APG/K9-Mail on Android, which is
another no-no for me.

  I am inclined to take a rude stab at doing that myself, but Enigmail
is «HUGE», and searching for the relevant code is impractical. I am
not even sure whether this is in JS code, or native code. Any

2011/12/19 Patrick Brunschwig <patrick at enigmail.net>:
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> On 19.12.11 13:20, Lachezar Dobrev wrote:
>> Ubuntu 11.10 x86_64 Thunderbird 8 (from respository) Enigmail
>> 1.4a1pre
>> I noticed that in some cases Enigmail will reformat my plain text
>> messages before signing and/or encrypting the message. Since I use
>> extensively text-messages with embedded formatted tables I am
>> seeing this as a bug. Normally I would copy a text table from a
>> text file, and Paste-As-Quote to avoid Thunderbird reformatting the
>> table. If I do not sign or encrypt the message it sends the message
>> as intended. If I encrypt or sign the message the text gets
>> reformatted, white spaces being compressed, successive lines
>> combined in one single, and then the line gets broken again...
>> How come? Can I disable that?
> Inline-PGP does a rewrapping of the message before the message is
> sent. If you don't want this, you can set the wrap width to 0. But I'd
> highly recommend you switch to PGP/MIME for formatted messages.
> - -Patrick
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