[Enigmail] Per recipient rule to disable PGP/MIME?

John Clizbe John at enigmail.net
Tue Jan 24 16:48:04 PST 2012

Rubin Abdi wrote:
> So by default my setup sends signatures via PGP/MIME. I have a pair of
> friends whom I've recently got into using PGP through GPGTools for the
> Mac. They're both horribly addicted to interacting with their mail
> through the gmail web interface, so the only way they can verify
> signatures is by highlighting the text within a mail (being displayed
> through a web browser), and then using a Mac service thing that tickles
> GPGTools and returns back an alert box which states if the signature is
> good.
> I've created a pre recipient rule for one of these two friends that
> matches up their email address, and to NEVER use PGP/MIME. This doesn't
> seem to work, still sends off the sig as PGP/MIME. I've edited that rule
> to also always encrypt, and that works fine, so the matching works.

Enter the address at the top 'Set OpenPGP rules for' box. Apply Rule 'Is Exactly'

Action: Do not check further rules for the match

Select each persons key for their rule

Defaults For...

    Signing:    Always

    Encryption: Yes, if selected in Message Composition

    PGP/MIME:   Never

If this doesn't work, delete the rule. Click OK to exit.
Go back into Per-Recipient Rules and create a new rule.

> Am I doing wrong or should I file a bug?

If things don't work, then open a bug. Don't be in too much of a hurry though,
others on the list may have other ideas.

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