[Enigmail] key problem

garlicxsauce at distruzione.org garlicxsauce at distruzione.org
Mon Jan 23 14:39:22 PST 2012

Hey Olav,

Pardon my ignorance in this field, how can i import a key in both ways,
public and private? i tried to do as you suggested, importing my old key
into the gpg4win (import certificates), simply picking up my old key
file, that i copied as an icon from my old machine. In this way, i
basically just import my public old key and my new system cannot
recognize the private part of the key. there's a way for exporting the
key from my old machine ( i had windows privacy tray as enc-software on
that one) so that i can use the old key as my main key in this new pc,
without creating any new one, and, following that, re-install TB+EG and
pick it up? after that i'll try to decrypt some old mails, and i'll see
how it goes.

Thanks again,

Il 23/01/2012 16:22, Olav Seyfarth ha scritto:
> Hi garlicxsauce,
>> Thanks for the help. i'll try and let you know. Anyway, i thought that
>> importing my key from the xp machine could create some kind of
>> problems,  so i basically imported just the other contacts from the
>> other computer, and i create myself a new keypair. So i really dont
>> know where i could have set something wrong..anyway, i'll re-install
>> TB + enigmail from the beginning and see if the whole thing gets fixed!
> That (along with transferred settings/cinfig files) could be the cause.
> Please do NOT create a new key just because you are on a new system.
> That way you end up with many similar keys in order to be able to
> decrypt old messages.
> In the new profile, just import the one (private+public) key from your
> old system
> (gpg --import <key.gpg>) prior to installing EM and select that key in
> EM's wizard.
> Olav

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