[Enigmail] Splitting up "Automatically Decrypt/Verify Messages"

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Sun Jan 22 05:55:04 PST 2012

On 21/01/12 21:49, Robert J. Hansen wrote:

>> At the moment there is an all or nothing "Automatically Decrypt/Verify
>> Messages" option. I was wondering if this could be separated out into
>> two different options? Something like:
> It could be, and my suspicion is this could be done without a lot of
> headache.  Patrick's the principal coder on Enigmail for right now, so I
> don't want to say what he will or won't do (just seems rude), but I
> think this request is reasonable and I think we'll probably kick it
> around on the -devel list for a while.  :)

Thanks for considering it. I've also upvoted bug 24155 as Olav suggested.

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