[Enigmail] key problem

garlicxsauce at distruzione.org garlicxsauce at distruzione.org
Sun Jan 22 04:04:23 PST 2012

Hey Olav,

Thanks for the help. i'll try and let you know. Anyway, i thought that
importing my key from the xp machine could create some kind of
problems,  so i basically imported just the other contacts from the
other computer, and i create myself a new keypair. So i really dont
know where i could have set something wrong..anyway, i'll re-install
TB + enigmail from the beginning and see if the whole thing gets fixed!

Il 21/01/2012 22:32, Olav Seyfarth ha scritto:
> Hi garlicxsauce,
>> I just installed enigmail combined with gpg4win, worked perfectly
>> on a xp machine, now i installed on a win 7 system.
> I use TB+EM+GPG4Win since W7beta was out and had no issues on
> various systems. It's not an W7 issue.
>> I can't actually send encrypted mails to my contacts, cause even
>> if i see that the program is finding and using the right key, it
>> sends the mail encrypted to MY public key and not the key of my
>> contact so basically when i got the mail that i sent in the "sent
>> items" box, i discovered i could read all my emails back using my
>> private key, cause for all of them the prog. used my key and not
>> the other.
> Smells like a defect profile, or a misconfiguration of gpg.conf, EM
> advanced settings or per receipient rules.
> Anyway, in order to help, we would need debug output.
> But I suggest you first create a new windows user, basically
> configure TB, import your key, install EM and try again. If that
> works, you know that you misconfigured something while
> transferring/importing your settings from the XP machine.
> Olav

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