[Enigmail] Question about basic steps

John Clizbe John at enigmail.net
Sat Jan 21 18:59:08 PST 2012

Alex aka Soyouth wrote:
> Hello,
> I am a total newbie,

We were all newbies at one point in time.

> I was able to setup enigmail in thunderbird under ubuntu 10.4.
> I could send a message to adele and received an encrypted one but it
> only worked once. Maybe it has to do with the smtp server I am using ?
> Also I do not understand the exact meaning of Sign Message versus
> Attach my public key .

Sign Message does just that. Inline OpenPGP, which you've used attaches the
signature to the end of the message. PGP/MIME attaches the signature as an

Attach Public Key attaches your key as apart of the message. It's one way to
distribute your public key to others, but IMNSHO, it's suboptimal. I believe the
keyservers are a better solution.

> If I want people to be able to reply to me with encryption, shall I
> just sign it or also attach my key ?

Had your key been on the keyservers, gpg would have automagically fetched it to
verify the signature on the message you sent to the list. Anyone replying
directly to you could then also send the reply encrypted to your public key.
So, you see, signing is sufficient after you've sent your key to a keyserver.

NB: As I said, I'm biased. I operate two keyservers and maintain the keyserver code.

> Thank you very much in advance for your help

No problem

> Alex


> ps : I couldn't find any key for enigmail at mozdev.org so I am sending
> this message unencrypted.

There is no enigmail at mozdev.org key. Please *do not ever* send encrypted mail to
a public list _UNLESS_ the list is setup that way.

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