[Enigmail] Splitting up "Automatically Decrypt/Verify Messages"

Mike Cardwell enigmail at lists.grepular.com
Thu Jan 19 06:55:36 PST 2012


I get a lot of signed email and a lot of encrypted email. I would like
signed emails to be automatically verified, but I don't want my
encrypted email to be automatically decrypted.

At the moment there is an all or nothing "Automatically Decrypt/Verify
Messages" option. I was wondering if this could be separated out into
two different options? Something like:

1.) Automatically Decrypt Messages
2.) Automatically Verify Signatures

My machine can *always* do verification because it only requires access
to the public keyring, however it can only perform the decryption
operations when I have my smartcard plugged in, because that's where my
private keys live. It can get quite tiresome having to force pinentry to
close every time I accidentally select an encrypted email. This can
happen quite easily/frequently if the most recent email in a folder is

I *could* just turn off automatic encryption and verification but I fear
that would make it much easier for me to accidentally miss a forged
signature as I'd need to be constantly clicking "OpenPGP ->
Decrypt/Verify" every time I read a signed message.

P.S. This is my first message to the list so I'd just like to thank you
guys for building such a brilliant product. I use Enigmail day in day
out and it has always worked well for me.

Mike Cardwell  https://grepular.com/     http://cardwellit.com/
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