[Enigmail] Building enigmail on OS/2

Ludwig Hügelschäfer ludwig at enigmail.net
Sun Jan 8 13:10:00 PST 2012

Hi Yeo,

Dave Yeo wrote on 08.01.12 21:08:

> That seems to have fixed it.

Glad to hear :-)

> One more thing. The xpi that is built is enigmail-1.4-os2-i386.xpi but
> under the Add-ons Manager it is listed as Enigmail 1.3.5.

"1.4" comes from makefile.in, "1.3.5" comes from install.rdf.

This difference in version numbers is quite normal for trunk code, as
both reflect future releases. Usually the version number in the file
name will be set by a script for a released XPI.


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