Enigmail is an extension for the mail clients Postbox, SeaMonkey and Epyrus. It allows you to encrypt and digitally sign emails using the OpenPGP standard. It is free and released under an open source license. The latest version is 3.1, and you can download it from our Download page.

Enigmail is brought to you by the Enigmail Team.

This documentation covers all aspects of using Enigmail. It was originally written as the Enigmail Handbook 1.0.0 by Daniele Raffo, on the basis of the technical documentation already created by Robert J. Hansen and Patrick Brunschwig (the current developer of Enigmail), with additional material by Olav Seyfarth and Werner Koch. Starting with v1.8, it has been largely updated by Ludwig Hügelschäfer to reflect the changes in the current versions of Enigmail.

This documentation contains many contributions originally posted by the Enigmail team on the Enigmail forum, newsgroup, and mailing lists. Thanks also to anybody who contributed with comments, corrections, criticisms, and encouragements.

Most of the screenshots show the latest version of Enigmail on Thunderbird under Mac OS X; if your installation is different concerning mail client or operating system, there will be minor differences in the visual appearance but functionality will be the same.