Why do we need Donations?

Developing and improving Enigmail is costly. While the core developers have a job and develop Enigmail in their free time, we do have running infrastructure costs. Furthermore, if possible, we would like to hire one or two developers to speed up the development for improving usability and helping spread encryption.

How to Donate

Our preferred method for contributing is via our Paypal donations form, or crypto currencies. We can currently accept:

Crypto Currency Wallet Address
Bitcoin (BTC) 1C3zkCSNxdX1h6JNDvi7hJTYkNP7TDRFXQ
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) 1CVYLyqY3FNpfBXJmArnaqfTUNrTor4f4q
Etherum (ETH) 0xEDd0292E32dC05cAd4B3fA228A681F241C8A9b0b
Litecoin (LTC) MVtEGGY3vM42mhiMvrWKZN64EtyP92CJdw


If you prefer to donate via a bank account, then please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thanks very much for your help!