In order to help people testing Thunderbird and Enigmail, we create nightly builds of the latest Enigmail development branch. Unlike current releases the nightly builds are not completely localized. Any non-translated items will be displayed in English.

This is work in progress. Use these automatically built packages AT YOUR OWN RISK.

As these nightly builds are not free from errors, it is possible that Enigmail doesn't work properly. Problem reports are welcome, but will not have the urgency of problems reported against a release build. All files offered here are built for the current Thunderbird release branch. Normally (but not necessarily), they should also work with alpha and beta versions of Thunderbird.

Latest nightly builds

Nightly builds will not work anymore with Thunderbird 72 and newer.

Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

for all Branches of Thunderbird and SeaMonkey
(build date: 2019-12-16, version: 2.2a1, git rev: a9c81da5859883b83455687bf768e7fabdb425a8)