Enigmail automatically decrypts and verifies your Email

Why encrypt emails?

Do you want to send your digital letters as post cards? Probably not.

Sending unencrypted emails is like sending post cards – anyone and any system that process your mails can read its content. If you encrypt your emails, you put your message into an envelope that only the recipient of the email can open.

What is Enigmail?

Enigmail is a seamlessly integrated security add-on for SeaMonkey, Epyrus and Postbox. It allows you to use OpenPGP to encrypt and digitally sign your emails and to decrypt and verify messages you receive. Enigmail was originally developed for Mozilla Thunderbird, however Thunderbird is no longer supported.

Enigmail is free software. It can be freely used, modified and distributed under the terms of the Mozilla Public License.

Start encrypting your emails today!