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Please note:

  • New users should read the installation instructions first.

  • Enigmail does not install GnuPG for you. You need to do that yourself.

  • If you have any problems, please check the FAQ.

  • Some users may want to check the OpenPGP signature

  • And don’t forget to check the Help Page for HOWTOs, user guides, and more.

  • For Thunderbird & SeaMonkey Beta, Earlybird and Daily versions please use nightly builds.

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Download Enigmail    (changelog)

Download the OpenPGP signature

To install Enigmail on Thunderbird, use right click "Save Link as ..." to save the extension locally.
Then navigate to the Thunderbird menu Tools > Addons and click on the small Tools button in the upper right corner and then on Install Add-on From File....

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