Enigmail Quickstart Guide

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Welcome to the Enigmail Quick Start Guide

by Robert J Hansen

Legal Notice

This document is © 2007 by the Enigmail Project. It may be distributed and modified under the terms of the Creative Commons 3.0 Unported license. Any modified versions of this document must not represent themselves as connected to the Enigmail Project.


This document will give you a quick introduction to Enigmail v0.95. Downloading Enigmail, installing it, and using it for routine email tasks are all covered. It will not cover any of these subjects in great depth.


This Manual is also available as a single downloadable PDF.

Table of Contents

1. Before You Begin
This Quick Start Guide
The Enigmail Mailing List
The GNU Privacy Guard
Installing GnuPG on Unusual Systems
Installing GnuPG on Microsoft Windows
Installing GnuPG on Macintosh OS X
Installing GnuPG on UNIX
Thunderbird 2.0
Downloading Enigmail
Installing Enigmail
Uninstalling Enigmail
2. Creating Your First Keypair
Public Key Cryptography
Using the Enigmail Key Wizard
Next Steps
Your key ID
Publishing your key
3. Hello, World!
Your first signature
Your first encrypted email
Finding keys
Encrypting email


Subject To Change

This manual covers Enigmail 0.95, and may not match with your version. All official versions of the Quick Start Guide can be found at Enigmail's home page. Please make sure you have the proper version before continuing.

Welcome to the Enigmail community! We're glad that you're here and we very much hope you'll find Enigmail to be a useful privacy tool.

This Quick Start guide will get you set up in a hurry. It won't do anything more than scratch the surface of the things you can do with Enigmail, but it should get you on your feet pretty quickly.

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